jessica wee



제시카 위

@White Columns

Credit: Joshua Frank

My work explores ideas of cultural hybridity, belonging and the evolving concept of home, drawing on family history, Korean myth and popular culture, and European Classical and Surrealist painting—art forms which I was exposed to growing up in a Korean family moving between the United States, France, and Canada.

My practice is rooted in oil painting, which I now challenge by incorporating new techniques including 3D modeling and mapping, collage, and layering of printed images, as well as by contrasting traditional canvas with textures such as Korean mulberry paper.

I aim to explore the nuances and contradictions of hybrid cultural identities, presenting alter-egos of myself and women close to me and allowing these characters to exist and shape-shift in surreal alternate worlds where past, present and future are bridged in non-linear and dream-like ways. These spaces also become sites for personal reflection and investigation into cultural symbols of my Korean heritage as well as those of classical Europe.